November 27, 2012 @ 10:01 PM

Teresa Mihalko Harbert has some absolutely stunning eggshell art on a beautifully done website which I discovered when trolling google images for egg shells for crafts. Her picture of black and white psyanky eggs caught my eye and led me to her website. This is one of the best examples of egg decorating and egg art that I've ever seen.

It is a most excellent use of a dark background website to showcase her eggsquisite eggs. Geometric shapes and gorgeous use of color, or not, with some black and gray, some blue on blue. And marbleized eggs!  A must see.

Teresa is located in Sacramento, California and has beautifully done step-by-step pages, a nice illustration of the layering wax resist process of psyanky, plus acid etching! I was hoping to find a way to illustrate the effect of vinegar on eggshell described in my post by giving an example of how that science can be used for art, and voila!

Teresa's site has a contact form and there are classes listed, although I couldn’t tell if they were current. I’d certainly look her up if I were in the Sacramento area. Taking classes is one of the most fun and fast ways to improve our artforms... and a great way to make connections in a like-minded group of people.

I like both her use of color and the balance of the designs, and I’m just amazed by the perfection of her lines. These lines are handrawn in melted wax, even if the design is originally sketched in pencil… how does she get the wax so straight?  Perhaps many hours of practice, mega natural talent, and super cool technique. 

This egg artist makes want to go to on a egg art pilgrimage to Sacramento one day soon… road trip!