November 20, 2012 @ 10:10 PM

When I first started to ship blown eggshells for crafts, I gave a customer service guarantee that I keep to this day -  that all of the eggs would arrive in perfect condition or I would reship at my own expense, or refund.

So I was pretty motivated to develop a postal-proof shipping method.

I quickly learned that it was worth my time to wrap each egg in bubble wrap, nested in foam beans. The breakage of unwrapped eggs, even in cartons in boxes, was too high. 

And using a new box, instead of recycling a used box, was also worth it. This worked well with the USPS Priority Mail system, which I’ve found dependable and fast.

I packed up a variety of eggs then the kids and I had a soccer game with the box. I think I lost the game, but the eggs survived intact.

My favorite story of The Feathered Egg packing was from a family who ordered a set of white pre-blown eggs with stands. Goose, duck, chicken, and bobwhite quail. I had shipped the order and checked the delivery confirmation. It was delivered on time.

Two months later, I got an email from the father of the family.

He was writing to tell me that the mailman had left the box of blown eggs on the family’s front porch, as was usual with their packages. But what was unusual was the tornado that struck their home just hours later, destroying most of the house, and most definitely the porch.

The family was safe. The father was writing to me to say that he had always assumed the box had also been destroyed, but during the cleanup, they found it in the rubble. 

And not a single egg was broken.

That's how I knew that my packing method for shipping blown eggshells to my customers was doing just fine.