December 4, 2012 @ 10:33 PM

I have the delight of being surrounded by pre-blown eggshells for crafts, and so anytime I want to do an egg decorating project, I have only to reach for a blown egg.

And to get the bowls of dye ready,

And to cover the table, and the floor, with newspaper,

But then... I have the same challenge as anyone who is using blown eggshells for dye craft. The blown eggs float in the dye.

Which is definitely not what my favorite set of illustrated craft directions showed... And which is about to punk my dye craft completely.

Because most of the crafting pictures are taken with fresh unblown eggs immersed in the dye,

Because fresh eggs sink. Blown eggs float.

What to do now?

You could sit over the dye bowl like one of Macbeth's witches, and spin the eggshell with your long curved fingernail... But then you can't do several eggs at once, or keep your little picassos from drinking the dye, or maybe, like me, you don't have such fingernails and now there are fingerprint smudges on your egg

Some egg artists pour small beads or tiny pebbles in the blown egg hole to weight it down.

I prefer to affix the egg to a skewer, through the blown hole, and secure it at the hole with wax or putty.

Then I can place the egg in the dye and hold it down by putting a clothes pin on the skewer and the edge of the dye bath container.

I keep the egg on the skewer for drying, embellishing, and varnishing... So that I never have to touch the eggshell until the craft is done. This is especially useful for putting coats of sealant or epoxy on the egg.

I can poke the free end of the skewer into styrofoam, or a cardboard egg carton, for drying.

There is no doubt that fresh eggs are best for dye crafts, simply because they sink in the dye... But it isn't always practical to obtain fresh eggs, especially of the different kind of birds. And then to keep the decorated egg, we still have to blow them afterwards and maybe break the egg.

The skewer method offers a nice level of control.

And I can spend less time wondering how long it will take for the dye to wear off my fingers.