December 18, 2012 @ 10:15 PM

Australia is home to many egg artists, and one artistic team caught my eye mainly because Jane Becker is the sister of my childhood friend (Hi Leone!) but also because Jane Becker and Sue Saxon are doing some fascinating things with blown eggshells and with eggshells for mosaic art.

First, it was their installation at the TarraWarra Museum of Art. Blown eggshells on strung lights. If I was anywhere near Healsville, Victoria, I'd go stare at it for hours. Instead, I have to web surf to see examples on both and Jane's site

The egg art portion of the exhibition brings attention to the relationship between the area's human and avian inhabitants. 

I confess that this is a new perspective for me regarding egg art. Because wild bird eggs are so very illegal for collectors and egg artists... (and Jane and Sue are using domestic shells only)... I realized that I don't even think of wild birds as I think about egg art. So I'm already richer from the artwork... mental riches.

Eggshell mosaic is an artform I am actively exploring also, since I have eggshell for mosaic on my website. It's a natural by-product of offering blown eggshell for crafts. These eggshell mosaics are amazing.

It's cool to see what Jane Becker has been doing, and I send a shout out all of the artists involved. Eggstraordinary Art!