January 30, 2013 @ 11:13 PM

One of the side effects of selling blown eggshells for crafts is broken eggshell.

Broken eggshell is idea for eggshell mosaic

I began to research how artists were using eggshells for mosaic art as I began to offer the eggshell as an egg decorating supply, and I found a huge variety in techniques.

In this Egg Artist Spotlight, I've discovered Linda Biggers website and her images of her eggshell mosaic artwork. 

I can't tell if Linda is assembling the eggshell mosaic from colored shell, or painting the shells after fixing them to her palette, but either way, her work is extraordinary. 

Eggshell mosaic artists start either with pre-colored eggshell, or with white, and color it as part of their creative process. I've collected eggshell in both ways, pre-colored, or white. And the variety of types of eggshell I have uniquely available expands this art form into eggciting new frontiers. 

Most artists have chicken eggshell readily available, but working with goose shell is even better. Ostrich eggshell becomes exotic, and the ostrich eggshell doesn't disappoint.

I look forward to sharing my own eggshell mosaic artwork and discoveries, but in the meantime, check out Linda Biggers site!