January 9, 2013 @ 10:22 PM

I was the state egg artist for New Mexico in 2009.

I still marvel over that. It is an egg decorating triumph. An eggery achievement.

I was notified of the honor in the last year of the Bush Administration, and President Obama had just been elected. I would have been invited to the presentation of the White House Egg Collection, and Mrs Obama would have been the receipient of my blown eggshell, my decorated egg.

I was very eggcited.

But... in a decision I really can't disagree with, the Obama Administration decided to stop the event, and that year, none of the eggs created to represent each state in the union were presented at the White House. 

That was the year the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn went from being an invitation only insider event to a national lottery, opening up attendance to whoever won a ticket.

I'm not sure where my egg ended up. Previous collections went from their display at the White House to the Presidential Library, to become part of the National Park Service archive forever more. 

There were a couple of Washington DC bloggers who covered the event, writing scathing reviews of the decorated eggs. I was anticipating/dreading my review almost as much as I was looking forward to traveling with my family to the White House to present the egg on behalf of my state.

My egg used the symbols of New Mexico and the medium of polyclay to express itself. It was hinged, because that was my egg art focus at the time. The egg opened up to reveal a little clay pile of red and green chile peppers. The President would have loved that, maybe.

But no matter what has happened to the event, I was still the State Egg Artist for New Mexico in 2008!