January 23, 2013 @ 10:55 PM

The 2009 cover of Martha Stewart Living Magazine featured blown eggshells from www.TheFeatheredEgg.com.

I was so overwelmegged to see them.

The craft department of Martha Stewart Living had ordered earlier in the year, and when the magazine came out, my eggs were not only on the cover, but were also in the craft section.

That was an eggciting year for us. 

I love the egg art and egg decorations that are featured on Martha's website and in her magazine. I try to follow the crafts each year, and many of my customers do as well.

One of my future blog topics is going to be a journey through each of Martha's egg art crafts, learning by doing and sharing my results here.

The egg decorating supplies that Martha lists are sometimes hard to find, but she always lists suppliers, and I appreciate that. I enjoy selling blown eggshells and egg shell for mosaic, but I also enjoy shopping for other kinds of egg art supplies at other sites.

The whole eggery community is a creative bonanza of wonderful people.