January 16, 2013 @ 10:25 PM

One of the ways I like to decorate my blown eggshells for crafts is to cover them with polyclay decorations. 

Blown egg shells are not always required - I could use wooden eggs, but I like the authenticity of blown eggshells. I like the texture of the egg shell, and I see many egg decorating artists doing eggery with polyclay.

Egg art and polyclay art have been my two favorite crafts - before I discovered paper model airplanes while I was writing my grandfather's biography.

When I moved to Portland, Oregon, I was determined to find a group doing polyclay and see if they would let me join. And I did find one!  A group of polyclay artists have gotten together and established a beautiful space in the Mt Tabor neighborhood of Portland.

Their classes and meetings are a feast of polyclay techniques and ideas. It is fun and friendly and craft-vigorating.

Through Via Artistica, I look forward to learning polyclay techniques, color theory, and more - bringing up my egg decorating skills and putting to good use my access to a wealth of blown eggshells for crafts!

I used polyclay to create the 2009 New Mexico State Egg for the White House Ex-Egg Collection - it is EX because 2008 was the last year a State Egg Collection was presented to the White House. My egg didn't make it to the White House, but I still did it!

Blown eggshells for craft and polyclay are eggstraordinarily awesome!