February 13, 2013 @ 9:13 PM

The Coturnix Quail is the same kind of quail you would find in restaurants, and their eggs are often used in sushi and in gourmet foods. Their eggshells, blown for arts and crafts, are so beautiful that they are very popular in all kinds of egg decorating and eggery.

Blown eggshells for arts and crafts are collectibles, and the Coturnix egg is a great addition. 

The shell is a light brown, with raised bumps and splotches of darker brown. Those natural decorations can be scrubbed off, not that anyone would want to - but they are a layer sitting on top of the eggshell. Sometimes the entire egg has a matt purplish or bluish chalky coating, also natural. The range of coturnix quail eggs patterns and shell finishes is huge.

The eggs are about 1.25 inches tall. If you take a string around the longest egg shaped part of the egg, it is @ 3.5 inches, and 3 inches around the fattest shortest part. They are often oval, and not egg shaped - no pointy end. But sometimes there's a point.

Coturnix Quail are high strung and fast moving, and are raised in large groups. One male to several females is the best grouping, and the chicks can be vicious with each other if overcrowded.

I used Coturnix Quail eggs with a jewelry bail, coated with epoxy to harden and shine the shell, to make pendants for necklaces or hanging egg art. They are a perfect size for this kind of artwork.

These are some of my favorite eggs!