February 6, 2013 @ 9:00 PM

Kyle Bean is an artist working in hand-crafted models, set design, and art direction. He has made some store front displays that are totally beautiful, and totally in the UK. But for those of us not in the UK, he has a cool portfolio on his website.

The Eggshell Chicken he made out of blown eggshells, chicken eggs of every color and shape, is eggstraordinary. And super fun to see.

I can see that the darkest eggs, used as accents, are the dark brown cuckoo maran chicken eggs, and I particularly like the way he has used the speckled brown eggs as the chicken's side and back pattern. Very clever!

Checking out what other artists are doing with blown eggshells for arts and crafts is the most fun I have with my blogging. I get to dig through websites and research artists - and see things I never imagined.

Kyle Bean has prints of his artwork for sale on his site. Cool Eggshell Chicken!