March 20, 2013 @ 12:31 PM

There is a very strong Faberge following in the egg art community. Egg art in the style of faberge eggs is a primary eggery style, featuring cuts and hinging modeled on the styles of Faberge.

But Faberge eggs were never made of blown eggshell. The House of Faberge made jeweled eggs of metals and precious stones. Around 1885, the jeweled eggs were popular luxury gifts at Easter, and large versions were commissioned for royalty.

The enameled and jeweled eggs were hinged and contained beautifully crafted surprises inside. They were decorated in imperial Russian style, and the remaining originals are incredibly valuable.

For egg artists, using blown eggshells of all kinds and sizes, it is part of the fun to follow the traditional cuts of the House of Faberge.

I used to make these cut and hinged eggs, but now I sell blown eggshells for arts and crafts, as well as the feathers from our flock. My Fragile Gallery page shows the cuts that I used to make, before i turned to the much easier product of eggshell for mosaic.

Although the original Faberge egg was an egg only in shape, the legacy of faberge has continued in real eggshell, in eggery art, and in blown egg decorating.

Inspired by art, it is it's own art form.