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Our flock lived in an enormous netted aviary with natural trees, ground cover, plentiful roosts, shade, rocks, cubbyholes and heated winter shelters.

They had fresh air, sunshine, fresh food, clean water, and the opportunity to engage in every aspect of natural behavior including flight, but excluding incubating their own eggs (since my business is collecting and blowing their eggs for sale).

Many of the birds lived out their natural lifespan in our care, or were given to fellow-feeling farmers. When the time came to butcher, we used a method that was, by far, the most humane, respectful, and quick process, ever.

Our birds came full circle, and we appreciated them every step of the way. We didn't de-beak, overcrowd, confine, force-feed, or artificially light our birds. The eggs we collected daily during the laying season were infertile, and would never have hatched a chick.

Mother Built

Our labor force was, and is, made up of mothers who can do the work in their homes, or in mine, with their babies by their side.

They don't have to hire babysitters so that they can work, so their earnings are not diluted.

I started this business in order to be able to earn while taking care of my own children, and I soon realized the huge potential of a labor force of women in exactly my position.

These mothers are able to work, willing to work, often very much in need of work, but are locked out of most jobs due to baby.

All of our work is done inside the USA, by mothers working next to their babies.

I call this Mother Built.

In Summary...

The Feathered Egg started as a true cottage industry, set among the piñon and juniper near the Pecos River, in New Mexico.

Our catalog of products are all derived from birds that are well cared for, and well celebrated, by their keepers.

Now that we've moved to the city, we continue our mission by fair-trade buying from like-minded backyard farmers who treat their birds the same, or even better, than we treated ours.

Soon, we'll have a farm again - and until then, we expand our mission by creating a network of people who are making a difference by farming with integrity.

We invite you to explore our site, enjoy our products, and contact us for anything you want and don't see listed, as we are developing new items all the time.