April 17, 2013 @ 10:12 AM



Our chicks came from New Mexico and Midwestern hatcheries, and although many of the breeds of pheasant, partridge, and quail originated long ago in Asia, China, and parts East… all of our birds were Born In The USA.

Our feathers are either from our own birds or bought directly (and unprocessed) from like-minded farmers. I am pleased to be able to offer feathers that are 100% domestically grown.

I sort, wash, dry, and temperature treat, the feathers myself (I also clean the eggs, of course.) Through my process, I can guarantee that the feathers are clean, sanitized, and bug free... using no harmful chemicals. Buyers must, however, continue to protect the feathers using proper natural bug repellents (cedar and citronella) because my feathers don't have the toxic residue of commercial feather treatments.

But the good news is, no toxic residue!

Most commercial feathers, many of them spectacular, are imported from other countries, where they can be purchased in bulk for much lower prices than I can offer, because they are grown and harvested in ways you seriously don't want to know about.

All of my products, particularly the feathers, are domestic... and local. The exceptions may someday be eggs like Chilean Tinamou, because I might know somebody, who knows somebody, who is sustainably and humanely raising Tinamou in Chile... and you've got to see those eggs to believe them. Awesome!