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The Feathered Egg, was created by Corinne Tippett and Andrew Hunt, who are married... to each other.

It is a small, family-based, original business that has grown into a steady supplier of real blown eggshells for crafts, cruelty-free, naturally-colored feathers, unique and colorful eggshell for mosaics, handmade, feather jewelry, original artwork notecards, and the story behind the creation of this website in a very funny book by Corinne.

In the spring of 2004, Andrew announced that he was going to get a couple of chickens for their young daughters. “To help them learn about the cycle of life,” he said. Corinne was against the idea, already overwhelmed by the cycle of life. Andrew pursued his plan and brought home a hatchery catalog. He and the girls ordered a couple of chickens. Corinne ordered geese, ducks, pheasant, partridge, and quail.

Corinne had hatched a plan to collect various sizes of eggs from this enormous flock of birds and eventually sell blown eggs to the egg art community. With a BA in photographic art and science, she couldn't’t resist taking thousands of digital and film photos of the birds in all stages of their lives. These images became cards and framed artwork. They became another product line in the plan.

“The eggs and feathers are incredibly beautiful,” Corinne said, interviewing herself. “The egg is certainly a symbol of fertility and rebirth, but to me it is also a fascinating little life machine.”

A blown egg, artfully covered with feathers, is known in the egg art world as a “Feathered Egg.” This seemed an obvious name for the poultry pursuit, and so they took it on. The products offered by The Feathered Egg have grown since the idea first cracked over Corinne's head. Egg arrays with stands joined the blown eggs and the packaged feathers. Hinged eggs rose out of a pyramid of broken eggshells and egg dust. Broken eggs turned into eggshell for mosaics.

Then 2008 hit the family like a freight train, and they spent 2009 untying themselves from the tracks. Andrew's business was custom home building, and the nationwide economic changes came down on him like the comet on the dinosaurs.

There was chaos in every corner. Corinne went back out into the workforce, where sweatpants as daywear were frowned upon. She broke the Stay-Home-Mom code, and got a job. In great change is great opportunity, but still, yipers! They were running around like chickens (well, never mind that analogy)...

A blog was born, called
Another blog was born, called

The disaster provided everything Corinne needed to finish her book, "Just A Couple Of Chickens" and it is now available on, or through theshopping cart on this site, or at Corinne's self publishing website,

It is a funny, laugh-out-loud, enjoyable read with a poignant counter-balance of reality. Now her second book is in second, (third, zillionth) draft stage. 

In 2010, the family moved to Portland, Oregon and there Corinne got an even bigger job. The cut and hinged eggs, as well as other products, had to be put on hold as her manufacturing space became extinct... but the blown eggs and the feathers were holding steady.

The Feathered Egg did not close. It grew a network of like-minded poultry farmers and urban backyard keepers to supply the inventory under the samemission Corinne started with. Plus the original flocks had been so crazy productive that eggs still abounded, particularly as Corinne finally released her own special reserve of eggs and feathers for sale on the website.

In 2012, Corinne put her website building, marketing, and creative focus once again on The Feathered Egg. She is the webmaster and content writer, as well as the product manufacturer and everything else, so please let her knowif there are any wonky bits on the website or broken eggs in a shipment.

For The Feathered Egg, each sale is an opportunity to exercise values of honesty, integrity, and communication. Each customer, whether one-time or regular, receives careful attention. Happy buyers are essential to the business. Corinne and Andrew plan to be around for a long time to come, with new products all the time. They really are Sustainable, Domestic, Humane, and Mother Built!