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Blown Eggs & Clean Feathers for Crafts & Art
Pheasant Feathers
Perfect for artists or fly-tying enthusiasts using unique and naturally beautiful feathers.

Our feathers are Sustainable, Domestic, Humane, and Mother Built!

Shipping cost is always within $3 of actual postage through USPS Priority Mail.
The feathers are carefully washed, put through a freeze/thaw cycle, and hand packaged. 

Large bags are 12" x 4" and have 10 feathers each bag. 
Medium bags are 6" x 3" and contain 25 feathers
Small bags are 4" x 2" and contain 25 feathers.

We also have Chicken Feathers, Chukar Partridge Feathers, Goose & Duck Feathers,
Turkey Feathers, and Emu Feathers