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Goose Egg

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The Goose Eggs are white, @ 3.5 tall, 9 inches around tallest circumference, 7 inches around fattest circumference, 3/16ths inch hole, porous white, thicker shell than a chicken egg.

Important tip if you are using goose or duck eggs for the Martha Stewart Living egg dying craft project. The goose and duck eggs have a very different surface texture than chicken eggs and will need at least 1/2 cup of vinegar in the dye - and a full cup for dark dye color. I have done the craft myself with these eggs and 1 teaspoon as directed in the magazine is not enough to make them look like the eggs in the pictures. Also, keep the egg moving in the dye by rolling it with your finger tip... this will make an even dye finish because the blown egg floats on top of the dye bath. Each egg has it's own texture - some are uniform pastel and some are uniquely patterned... for more tips on this craft, visit my blog at www.TheFreeRooster.com.
Happy Easter!