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Green Duck Egg

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These blown duck eggs are a natural pastel blueish green. I call them green duck eggs, other people call them blue duck eggs. They are Rouen or Mallard duck eggs. They range in size from bigger than a chicken egg to a little smaller. The natural finish of the egg as it arrives to you is a little grubby. This grubby finish is critical to dye uptake, and is easily removed using the Magic Eraser, (which really is magic). So many buyers right now using dye that I've stopped polishing off the finish. These eggs have a mixed reputation for psyanky, some artists find they take the dye well enough and like the effect, others have a hard time getting them to absorb dye - and since it's not a white egg, feel the colors are duller. Regardless, these are way cool eggs, @ 2.5 inches tall, 6.5 inches around tallest circumference, 6 inches around fattest circumference, 3/16ths inch hole.