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Guinea Hen Egg

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(hole top and bottom... !)  The Guinea Hen, also known as Guinea Fowl, lays a remarkably wonderful egg. Cartoonishly egg-shaped, it has a wide base and pointy top. The shell is crazy thick.. it is a hot weather african bird and this egg shows it. Each of these is drilled bottom and top, and are from backyard farmers who care for their birds the same way I did. The surface is mottled dottled dotty cream, with patches and bare spots - that is natural. It is possible, but rare, to find a Guinea Hen egg that is perfectly uniformly spotty.

Smaller than a chicken egg, it is just under two inches tall, hole on top and bottom, you will be able to see the hole on the tip of the egg - this is different from my other eggs which are single hole. I don't have any single hole guinea hen eggs at this time.

5.5 inches if you put a string around the fattest part, 6 inches from tip, round the bottom and back to tip.This is one of the coolest eggs, of my favorites.